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Tips 1-10: Ten Ways to Improve your SAT Score

Tip 11: How to Improve Your SAT Score

Tip 1 : Ten Ways to Improve your SAT Score

It is never too early in your High School career to start thinking about the SAT’s. This test is one of the most intimidating tests that you can take in your entire academic career. There are many students who wait until the last few weeks to study for the test that they end up with a lower score. Don’t be one of those people. Here are some great ways to help get better grades on your SAT without the pressure.

SAT Tip # 1: Read as many books as you can. One part of the English section on the SAT is reading and comprehension. By reading classics as well as other books you can prepare yourself for reading and understanding what you have read. Reading can help you train yourself to pick apart a story and understand and remember what you have read.

SAT Tip # 2: Another part on the SAT’s is vocabulary. Try reading and try to learn at least 5 new words a day. Learn the spelling and the meaning behind each word. It will really help you gather more words for your test. There are words guaranteed to be on this test that you have never heard of. So try to learn words that you yourself have never heard of. It can help you on the test.

SAT Tip # 3: On the SAT’s there is now a writing section. The best way to practice your writing skills is to at least once a day write in a journal or write an essay on any subject you want. It will keep you in practice and it will help keep you in consistency and it will help improve your sentence structure as well as your grammar. Start doing this the summer before you start your senior year, by the time the test draws closer you will have improved on your writing and it can help you also in English class too.

SAT Tip # 4: If you were never a big fan of crossword puzzles before, now is the time to start. Buy a book of easy or beginner puzzles and the more you do them you can advance to the expert puzzles. By doing crossword puzzles it will help you with your vocabulary as well as the verbal section of the SAT test.

SAT Tip # 5: Read as much as you can. The comprehension portion of the test can be challenging. Try reading news magazines or newspapers. The reading comprehension portions of the test are about as long as a newspaper article. Train yourself to read and understand everything of what you have just read. It will be very useful in this section of the SAT’s.

SAT Tip # 6: Practice drawing. It sounds strange but there is a good portion of geometry on the SAT test and by learning your symbols and drawing them perfectly can actually help you with this section.

SAT Tip # 7: Go over every math application that you have ever studied. Everything from adding, subtracting, decimals and fractions. Look online for some challenging math word problems. By refreshing your knowledge of everything that you know, it can help a great deal on the test. What you are not strong in you must concentrate harder on that subject.

SAT Tip # 8: Take a practice test. Ask your guidance counselor or visit your local Educational Testing Service and see where you can pick up a copy of a practice test. By taking a practice test, you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Then you have a starting point on where to begin. You don’t want to waste your time on sections that you excel in. Many students tend to think that if they know they will have problems in math then they will concentrate on the English.

When you are applying to college they will look at your Verbal as well as the Math sections. If you are great in the verbal section then you will want to concentrate more on the math. The better score for each section the better chance you will have of getting into the school of your dreams.

SAT Tip # 9: Attend SAT Prep Classes. Sometimes your local library will offer a one-day class that can help you improve your score as well as learn how to take the SAT test. Many students don’t do well under pressure; these classes will help you focus on the test and not on the time. Some schools offer an elective class of SAT Prep. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these classes.

Check your local area, there are courses being held all the time for SAT Prep. If you are not sure how to go about looking for them. Talk to your guidance counselor at school and they will know where you can take these prep courses. Every little bit helps when it comes to the SAT.

SAT Tip # 10: Yes, the SAT is an important step in getting into college but don’t stress out about it. If you start studying early and take a practice test, you will know ahead of time what your weaknesses are and you can now focus on making the weakness your strength. Make time to study and like studying for everything else, study in a quite place and stay focuses, no radio or iPods. If you need help ask!

Many students panic and go nuts while trying to study. But don’t it won’t make you do any better on this test. Plan ahead; get enough sleep the night before. Have everything you need together the night before so you are not running around the nest day trying to find a # 2 pencil. If worse comes to worse and you are not happy with your score, you can always take the test again. There is always hope. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do as well as you thought, just study harder on the areas that you did not excel in. It is not the end of the world.

Tip 11: How to Improve Your SAT Score

Your SAT score is just one part of what it takes to get accepted into a good college. Your ACT scores, your grade point average and letters of recommendation are just apart of the package that colleges and universities look at when they are accepting students. These SAT scores are the one thing that students normally panic and worry about the most. You only have two chances to take the test and you want to do well on the first one. But how can you prepare yourself to take the test. Students, who don’t do well on the first try, get flustered and they panic about the test itself. They worry they won’t finish it in time or they worry so about each section that they tend to spend more time on one than the other.

But we can offer you some great tips to improve your test scores before you actually take the first step. One way to gauge how you will take the test is to set yourself up as if you were taking the real thing. Take a practice SAT. Do not study, don’t prepare, simply sit down and take the test. You can time yourself as you would if you were really taking the test. You can download a practice test from the Educational Testing Services. Or you can go to a local Educational Testing Service Center and pick up a copy. The answers and an explanation of each answer can be found at the back of the testing packet.

After you are done, have someone else score the test. If you score the test yourself, sometimes there may be a tendency to change an answer once you see it because you really knew the answer but may have written down the wrong letter. Then after the test is scored, sit down and review the answers that you go wrong. This will help with formulas on how to get the right answer.

Depending on how well you have done on the test, you can choose to take a review course. These classes are great and are usually taken after a student does not do well on the first test. But you can get ahead by getting help before the exam. You may see insight into the test by having the extra knowledge before hand.

If you have chosen not to take the class, then you have to be diligent and focused enough to set up a study plan on your own. Reviewing math more if the math section was not your strong point. Start studying early, don’t wait for the last month, start at the beginning of the school year. Set aside regular studying time as well as separate time for SAT. Try to get too caught up with studying for the SAT’s that your other work suffers. By studying earlier, it is helpful because you don’t have the last minute pressure of studying for this test.

Start your studying process by reviewing the parts on the practice test that you got wrong. By focusing on what you go wrong you can save yourself a lot of time. Then a few months after you have taken the practice test, take another test. This time, don’t time the test; just take a normal classroom test. Choose a quiet area and no playing the radio just because it is a practice test. See what improvements you have made. If you are still finding areas that are not your strong suit then at least you know before you take the test what areas these are.

If there are any study guides that you can buy or get from the library, now is the time to buckle down and figure out what help you need in the section that you are having the most trouble in. Study these areas and concentrate on really getting down to the answers you are looking for. Then a few weeks later, try taking a mock SAT. Using another practice test, time the test and take on a Saturday morning just as you would the real SAT. Start the test around 9 am and pretend that this test counts.

Then have someone else grade the test and then review the areas that you are having trouble in. The trap that some kids fall into is that they take a practice test and they are satisfied with the score that they received and they slack on studying. So, make yourself a promise that if you are satisfied with your SAT score on your practice test that you will work harder to improve the score the next time. Some students may take a test great in a friendly environment but when they are at school on THE TEST day, it could be a whole other story.

Remember that the SAT is important to getting accepted into the college of your choice. But you have to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Don’t lose yourself in taking the test and don’t spend every waking hour studying and worrying. Follow the steps that we have provided and if you take the test and you are not happy with the score, you can always take the test again. You can submit the higher of the two grades to colleges.

Studying early in the year is important, the earlier the better. Especially for students who are not great test takers. Take advantage of tutors or centers that specialize in helping students pass the SAT’s. Focus on your weak points and review your strong points. Never neglect your other schoolwork, the last thing you want to do is make your grade point average drop because you are hyped on passing the SAT’s. That would just be too ironic.

Ask you teachers what they can recommend and if your school offers a SAT Prep class then take it. Do what you can to get what you need and leave yourself plenty of time for the test.